Money Made for Main St.

Money is changing, and it's changing fast.  From the magic of mobile wallets to the curiosities known as crypto-currencies, the world is taking a fresh look at one of its oldest ways of interacting...  

Part of this new story of money is rediscovering how much has been lost in our increasingly globalized society, especially when it comes to how we relate to one another in community.  We seem to have lost the connection between one another as fellow occupants of the same space, and between ourselves and that place we call home.

Another part of the new story is in remembering how powerful we can be when we pool together what we have in order to enable something great to happen, or to uplift someone who's in a tight spot and needs a helping hand.  When we come together around a shared purpose, anything is possible! 

"Alternative", "Local", and "Community" currencies are types of money designed to reconnect us with the people living around us, the place we live in together, and with that sense of shared purpose that makes a community.  By recirculating in one city or region, these currencies are continually passed from one set of hands to another, helping people get what they need. Home-grown currencies provide an effective alternative when traditional money just isn't doing the trick.     

Ithacash is just one of many new money systems appearing all around the globe as more people are discovering how easy and fun it is to use these currencies in bettering their communities.  

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